Monday, September 5, 2011

A Much Needed Update

Hello Parents! Lewis Here with a much needed update. Things have been so busy I haven't had time to share things with you. I'm very sorry. Today I'm going to share a little with you all. I've begun taking video of the kids to show all the parents what the ids are like in school when mom and dad aren't around.

In this post I'm testing the new system. I'll post these videos on the blog but in order to see them you must have the password. We will email the password to all parents. After you have the password you can watch your kids on the screen. Remember that not every video will have your child, I' will do my best to get everyone talking, having fun and participating but please be patient and wait for your child to appear. I will usually mark the video either "afternoon," for the eikaiwa kids or "morning," for the preschool kids. All special events will be marked as well. I hope you enjoy watching your kids from inside the classroom as much as we all do. God Bless you all.

The 2011 VBS was a lot of fun! from We Go Eigo Fuchu on Vimeo.

Morning Kids dance Samoan style. from We Go Eigo Fuchu on Vimeo.

Wednesday Afternoon Let's Go 1 introductions. from We Go Eigo Fuchu on Vimeo.

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