Thursday, January 12, 2012

School's Back in Session and We're Hanging Out

This week we're back to school and having fun. I took a bunch of random pictures of the kids playing so that you could see your kids enjoying themselves (and because I got a new camera and wanted to use it). Also, if you'll notice there are a few new students.

 Meri and Kaname playing house
 Karina Joined to
 Natyuta strikes a pose
 Tamaki is a new student in the blue ocean class
Aisha enters the fun
 Akira gives me a Popeye look
 Soccer with Nayuta

Liam and Koudai are made to be friends with each other they can both run for hours
 Liam knows when the camera is on

 Banana Juice girls (Iori is a new student in the Banana Juice class)
 Keigo is a charming little boy
Karina hangs out
 Look who's back!!!!!?????? Mr. Josh!!! But why is he stealing kids scarves? :O
Only a joke, don"t worry
 More circle running
 Koudai is a ham
 Leo and Liam share some guy time
The third of the Three Amigos of running
 All kids like the swings
 Circles and circles
 hide and seek

 This week Hinano and Misaki started swinging by themselves, no push necessary 

 I think these girls will do fine in elementary school PE

Kaname hangs out too
 Even Kei joins the running
 He just keeps going and going and going
Mr. Logan sure is a nice guy

 I guess they had some secret conversation going
 Leo runs as Liam chases, surprise
Akira hangs out

 more hanging out

 Rikuto has some serious soccer skills

 And he enjoys the big push too!

 The were so tired the fell asleep on the bench
 no their faking, Hinano gives it all away with a big smile
Akira thought she fooled me