Monday, May 30, 2011

School Is in Full Swing

Things have really taken off here at We Go Eigo Fuchu. May is already almost over and it seems like the school year started just a few days ago. The kids really make the time fly by, it's so wonderful to see them so full of energy all day long. May has been a busy month; We've had the May Day program, Mother's Tea Party and the Building Dedication. As you can see May has been filled with excitement for all of us.

In addition to all of those great events, you can see that we've got another building at the school  Well, maybe not a true "building," but it's nearly as big as a building and it was pretty difficult to put together. The new play set is a huge attraction for the kids. We're so thankful for God working through Mr. Hamatsu who donated it to the school. It's such a blessing to hear the kids laughing as they swing and to see smiles on their faces as they play.

Here are a few videos and pictures of the kids enjoying the play set:

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